Odd one out


All of us met the “odd one out” type of exercise in the first few years of primary school. We naturally recognise an apple among a number of pears, the questions is whether we manage to do the same with a flamenco hidden in a gypsy dance. This full length show by Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre presents the traditional dance and music culture of the Carpathian –basin embedded in surroundings which look amiable and familiar to the 21st century spectator. It draws parallels between traditional dance and such well-known and popular genres as hip-hop, majorette, minuets, flamenco and lindy hop. Odd One Out offers a theatrical experience which is characterised by traditional dance and music while promising carefree entertainment to children and adults alike. 


28 February 2015., P.O. Hviezdoslav City Theatre, Bratislava
4 and 5 March 2015., Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre

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Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre
 +421903256503, 02 / 20474105


Premiered in: 
28.2.2015, Mestské divadlo P.O. Hviezdoslava, Bratislava
Dancers Klaudia Gálik, Zsófia Varsányi, Veronika Sebő, Ágnes Varsányi, Gábor Gálik, Ákos Botló, Gergely Botló, Máté Domján
Musicians Gergely Koncz – violin, Máté Hegedűs – violin, Endre Papp – viola, Balázs Domonkos – double bass, Kálmán Balogh – cimbalom
Musical arrangements Dušan Hégli and the musicians of Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre
Costume Dušan Hégli
Artistic assistant Zsófia Varsányi
Artistic staff Gálik Gábor, Libuša Bachratá, Branislav Polák
Director, choreographer Dušan Hégli
Dancers of Premiere Anita Kovácsová, Klaudia Gálik, Mária Horváthová, Zsófia Varsányi, Zuzana Kassaiová, Katalin Panyi, Veronika Sebő, Ágnes Varsányi, Linda Luptáková, Ramóna Sárkány, Gábor Gálik, Ákos Botló, Gergely Botló, Zoltán Gera, Péter Gellén, Máté Domján, Bálint Molnár