Folk Dance Bratislava

Folk Dance Bratislava was set up as a part of Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre in 2009. Working together with tour companies, cruise ships, tourist centers and the corporate sector, it focuses solely on the design and marketing of traditional dance, music and cultural performances for tourists and guests visiting Bratislava and thus provide an educational and inspiring glimpse into the different cultures of Slovakia and the Carpathian region.

These performances aim not only to entertain, but also to present the traditional dance and music culture in an accessible and contemporary format. Thus providing the audience with a truly high quality authentic experience, staged and conceptualised in a modern and refreshing way. 

Regular or one off performances can be scheduled at the Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre, in the centre of the old town, or booked for tours and functions off site.

"Carpathian Gateway"

The show "Carpathian Gateway" is not merely the authentic presentation of our traditions, but an entertaining and vibrant performance, which provides an insight into the culture of Slovak, Hungarian, Roma and Jewish communities living in Slovakia and the Carpathian region. Watching the show, the audience may feel as if they were standing in the Carpathian Gateway and contemplating this wonderful, rich and inspiring region for an hour. 

The show is performed at the 80-seat theatre in the Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre headquarters, an intimate, central and easy to find, exclusive location, right next to the National Theatre and opposite the National Philharmonic, just steps from the wharves and the Danube bank.

For further information or to book this show please contact:

Judit Fitos, manager
Tel: 02 20 47 4102
Mobil: +421 903 265 353

Industry inquiries

Folk Dance Bratislava is seeking interest in possible new partnerships for the show 'Carpathian Gateway'. Many different possibilities for co-operation are under consideration including:


In return for sponsorship the group can offer companies performances, advertising, etc.


The show could be included in an already established Bratislava tour or cruise on a ticket commission basis or as discussed. These could be arranged as a regular event, or on demand. The show is also available for single performances either at the Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre or on site for tours, conferences or other events.


We are looking for opportunities to advertise performances across Bratislava and the web.

For more information on inquiries please contact:

Fitos Judit, manager
Tel: 02 20 47 4102
Mobil: +421 903 265 353